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What are Hybrid or Combo Orthodontic Treatments? Hybrid or Combo Treatments are Orthodontic Treatments where two different orthodontic approaches are used simultaneously or in succession for a case. With CompleClear, the Doctors can treat a case with both Smart Braces and Mint Aligners either using a different treatment for each arch (for eg. Smart Braces for lower arch and Mint Aligners for upper arch), or starting both arches with Smart Braces to accomplish difficult movements and then switching to Mint Aligners for more manageable movements. Doctors can now offer patients the best of technology and esthetics has to offer.
Aligners vs Braces – which is better for orthodontic treatment? The answer may come down to two things – personal choice and treatment efficiency. Mint Clear Aligners may be a clear winner in most cases, when it comes to patient preference. Everyone wants invisible braces, and Mint Clear Aligners may offer a close enough solution for that. But there may be other factors to consider here – patient compliance, type of tooth movements involved and overall treatment efficiency. Doctor and patient need to have an honest discussion on each of these and then decide the best overall treatment option for the patient. Certain movements may be better handled with Smart Braces, and using Clear Aligners for such treatments could be a very frustrating experience for both the patient and the Doctor. Some Doctors prefer a Hybrid or Combination approach for such cases, where difficult movements are accomplished using Smart Braces, and then switch to Mint Aligners for the remainder of the orthodontic treatment.
Do Aligners work faster than Braces? The answer depends on the type of malocclusion a patient has. Certain types of misalignments may be better suited for treatment with Mint Aligners. However, in many cases, Smart Braces may be faster in accomplishing treatment goals than Clear Aligners. This is especially the case with certain difficult movements, where Smart Braces may be more efficient that clear or invisible aligners. For Aligners to work effectively, they need to be worn almost full time. For many patients, achieving this kind of compliance may be an issue and such patients may be better suited for Smart Braces treatment. As explained above, now patients and Doctors don’t have to choose one treatment over the other. In fact, the Doctors have the flexibility to offer both treatments for the same patient depending on the stage of treatment.
Do Mint Aligners use attachments? Depending on your treatment, it may be necessary to use attachments or buttons to accomplish difficult tooth movement. However, for Hybrid/Combo cases, where most of the difficult movements have been addressed using Smart Braces, attachments for Mint Aligners won’t be necessary in most cases. In addition, Mint Aligners use minimal attachments for treatment due to fact that Mint Aligners use a proprietary method of fabrication that ensures much tighter fit over the teeth, minimizing the need for attachments or buttons for tooth movements.
Are discounts available for Hybrid and Combo Treatments? Yes. We offer significant discounts for Hybrid and Combo Orthodontic Treatments, involving Smart Braces and Mint Aligners. These savings can be passed onto the patients to lower their treatment cost and yet offering them the best technology and esthetics has to offer.
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