Reshaping the Future of Orthodontics

It is no secret that braces are still the most widely used system and the most effective way to fix crooked teeth in spite of the more aesthetic clear aligners. However, having braces can be challenging in many ways. The components of braces are not only unaesthetic and bulky but can also make oral hygiene maintenance a challenge. In addition, the orthodontic treatment can be about 2-3 years long as the teeth are moved in stages adding to the unnecessary treatment times. The treatment with current treatment orthodontic systems require multiple doctor visits for activations and adjustments. Furthermore, the adjustments or tightening appointments can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as the components (like wires, power chains etc.) are not tailored to the individual treatment and need to be “overworked” to compensate for force decay until the patient’s next appointment.
Smart Braces is a unique solution that has been developed to change all that. Developed by world renowned orthodontists and engineers, the Smart Braces is reshaping how orthodontic treatments are performed. Smart Braces are FDA cleared patented technology, which are similar in scope to conventional braces but offers the aesthetics, effectiveness and flexibility that are unmatched by any existing orthodontic systems.

What are Smart Braces

A breakthrough alternative to Standard Braces

Smart Braces is a Self Activated, Pre-Programmed Device to Straighten Teeth. Smart Braces utilize "Smart Device", a shape memory device that is pre-programmed and attaches to the teeth to straighten them. Smart Device is an individually customized and virtually invisible device, and it activates using body heat and it keeps doing so until the programmed alignment is reached, without having to go back to the doctor for periodic adjustments or activation. All that, in significantly less time than braces. Smart Braces do not use unsightly elastics or powerchains that discolor during treatment- making it the world’s most aesthetic and hygienic system. Its a common concern with patients with upcoming weddings, prom or other special occasions to be conscious about wearing braces. Smart Braces offer a unique solution. Smart Braces are highly aesthetic and less noticeable. In addition, the doctors can remove the Smart 'Device' and have patients enjoy those special occasions with virtually invisible attachments.

Here's the best part - with doctor's approval, the Smart Device can repeatedly activated at home, simply with warm oral rinses, thereby accelerating tooth movement. With Smart Braces, teeth can be straightened with as little as one doctor visit and half the treatment time. Smart Braces is fast and effective, and is indicated for both kids and adults.

Check out this video to see how Smart Braces
can help transform your smile

Smart Braces Advantage

Revolutionary Technology &
Unmatched Aesthetics


  • Short Treatment Time
  • Virtually Invisible
  • Customized For Precise Tooth Movement
  • As Little As One Doctor Visit
  • No Unsightly Rings/Chains
  • Minimal Discomfort

So no more metal mouth, brace face and train tracks! With Smart Braces you can laugh, talk and smile with confidence and get the smile you always wanted! And to top it all off, this revolutionary braces system is much more affordable than you think. Give yourself and your loved ones a reason to smile - ask your doctor about this life changing solution.

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