Smart Braces: New & Revolutionary

Traditional metal braces are still the most widely used system and the most effective way to fix crooked teeth in spite of the more aesthetic invisible aligners. However, having braces can be challenging in many ways. The components of braces are not only unaesthetic and bulky but can also make oral hygiene maintenance a challenge. In addition, the orthodontic treatment can be about 2-3 years long as the teeth are moved in stages adding to the unnecessary treatment times. The treatment with current treatment orthodontic systems require multiple doctor visits for activations and adjustments. Furthermore, the adjustments or tightening appointments can cause a lot of pain and discomfort, as the braces components are not tailored to the individual patient’s treatment needs.

Smart Braces are a Snap-On Revolution in Orthodontics. Developed by world renowned orthodontists and engineers, the Smart Braces are Self-Adjusting Snap-On Braces that are designed for ease, efficiency and esthetics. Smart Braces utilize a Pre-programmed Smart Device that snaps on to virtually invisible attachments to move the teeth. Smart Braces are FDA cleared patented technology, that are similar in scope to conventional braces but offers the aesthetics, effectiveness and flexibility that are unmatched by any existing orthodontic systems.

What are Smart Braces

The Smart Device

Smart Device is a Self- Adjusting, Shape Memory device that is pre-programmed and has all tooth movements built into it. The Smart Device simply snaps-on to the teeth via miniature attachments to straighten them - without the need for rings or ligation clamps that slow down tooth movement. Smart Device works like an Autopilot for teeth - gently guiding them into alignment. It is extremely convenient for Doctors and is more efficient that traditional bracket-wire-ligation system. This ligation independent Smart Device is individually customized for each patient and activates using body heat and it keeps doing so until the programmed alignment is reached, minimizing the need for periodic adjustments or activations. The unique coupling of Smart Device with attachments offers better 3-Dimensional Control during tooth movements. With all teeth movements occurring simultaneously, Smart Braces can straighten teeth in a few doctor visits and half the treatment time.

The Attachments

The Attachments are virtually invisible miniature attachments that are glued on during the first appointment. These attachments can be bonded using direct or indirect bonding. These attachments are used to secure Smart Device on to the teeth for tooth movements. The innovative attachment design makes the process of Smart Device attachment and removal extremely easy for Doctors. Here's the best part - Smart Braces are highly esthetic and less noticeable; in addition, the Doctors can remove the Smart Device and have patients enjoy those special occasions with virtually invisible attachments, converting these Clear Braces into virtually Invisible Braces. It’s a common concern with patients with upcoming weddings, prom or other special occasions to be conscious about wearing braces and Smart Braces offers them a unique solution.

Smart Braces Options

Smart Braces are available in Clear and Color. Patients can choose from a variety of colored options - Pink, Purple, Blue, Green and many more. It is the Smart Device that gives Smart Braces is Clear or Colored appearance, and the Smart Device can be changed to a new color every appointment to suit any occasion.

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Smart Braces Advantage

Revolutionary Technology &
Unmatched Aesthetics

  • Virtually Invisible
  • Short Treatment Time
  • Precise Tooth Movement
  • Light Forces
  • Minimal Discomfort
  • Fewer Doctor Appointments

Smart Braces Technology is also designed to be used in combination with Mint Aligners . This combination approach which is both esthetic and versatile. Many aligner cases have teeth movements are extremely difficult to accomplish with aligners. For such cases, the Doctor offer Smart Braces for the first few months to accomplish the difficult movements and later switch to Mint Aligners. With these esthetic braces you can laugh, talk and smile with confidence and get the smile you always wanted! And to top it all off, this revolutionary technology is much more affordable than you think. Give yourself and your loved ones a reason to smile - ask your doctor about this life changing solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are Smart Braces different from Traditional Braces? Smart Braces are Self Adjusting, Snap-On, Clear Braces. Smart Braces do not utilize rings to hold the wires in place, instead they simply Snap-On to the teeth via miniature attachment, leaving wire-bracket system virtually frictionless, for faster tooth movement.
How are Smart Braces different from Self Ligating Braces? Self Ligating Brackets are either Active Self Ligating Systems Or Passive Self Ligating System. Smart Braces are a Ligation Independent System and combines the benefits of both Active Self Ligating and Passive Self Ligating Systems, depending on the stage of orthodontic treatment.
Are Smart Braces Removable Braces? Smart Braces simply Snap-On to the miniature attachments onto the teeth. For special occasions, Doctors can remove the Smart Appliance, leaving virtually invisible attachments onto the teeth, converting these Removable Braces into virtually Invisible Braces.
Are Smart Braces Clear Braces or Color Braces? Smart Braces are available as both Clear Braces and Color Braces. Contrary to the Traditional Braces, that utilize color rings, Smart Braces are truly Colored Braces. The outer attachments are available in multiple exciting colors for patients to choose from.
Are Smart Braces faster and more efficient system than Braces and Aligners? Smart Braces are a faster, more efficient system than traditional braces. Smart Braces are virtually frictionless, and are custom fabricated to finish treatment more efficiently than Traditional Braces and Aligners, that cannot address many types of tooth movements.
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